What rate does MR use when translating from functional to reporting currency?

How Does Management Reporter know what rate to use when translating an Account from its functional currency to the Reporting Currency? I thought it may be helpful to lay out the logic and connections used by MR to correctly translate a functional to a reporting currency used in the sample Balance Sheet.

Working from MR to GP

Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Here is the connection between a Management Reporter financial statement and the appropriate GP rate table.


Currency Translation in Microsoft Dynamics GP® and Management Reporter, the 2nd in the Consolidation Accounting Series

The purpose of this White Paper is to provide design requirements for performing Multicurrency Translation in Dynamics GP and Management Reporter.

Consolidated Currency Translation

This document covers the required setup to perform multicurrency consolidation in Dynamics GP and Management Reporter. It leverages the design concepts presented in the first white paper in the Consolidation Accounting Series, Consolidation design in Microsoft Dynamics GP and Management Reporter. This White Paper focuses on setting up both Microsoft Dynamics GP and Management Reporter to successfully perform multicurrency consolidations.

Dynamics GP Currency Translation Setup

  • Functional Currency
  • Create Exchange Tables and Enter Rates
  • Create the Month End, Average, and Historical TRANSLATION Exchange Tables Management Reporter Translation Setup
  • Multicurrency Access
  • Multicurrency Setup
  • Rate Types
  • Translation Type for Accounts
  • Entering Historical Currency Translations

 Management Reporter Translation

  • Create Report
  • Create a column indicating the reporting currency required
  • Create a report definition
  • Cumulative translation adjustments under FSFAS 52 (OCI)
  • Validate the Account settings


Multicurrency translation can be very complex and include the need for multiple company account structures, companies outside of Dynamics GP, minority interest, international accounting standards, and more. Having a well-thought-out multicurrency design adds significant value to any consolidation process.

This white paper is intended for Accounting and Financial users and consultants that are responsible for producing consolidated financial statements in Dynamics GP and Management Reporter.

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