Sales Invoice Batch Transfer


Is there a way to select a group of invoices that are saved in one sales batch and move them to another without having to do so one by one?

Managing unposted Sales Invoices using Batch IDs is very effective in Dynamics GP.  When it comes time to transfer Sales Invoices from one Batch ID to another the process can be tedious having to do one invoice at a time.  A better way would be to pull up all invoices in one batch and select the ones that should move to another Batch ID, hit a button, and they all move at one time.  This saves time and makes managing Sales invoices easier.

Do you need to move multiple sales invoices from one Batch ID to another Batch ID in Dynamics GP?

Unified Business Solutions customizes Dynamics GP for customers to leverage the value of their investment!

Invoice Batch Transfer makes moving Sales Invoices in Dynamics GP easy.  Select the old Batch and see all the Sales Invoices currently in that Batch.  Select a new Batch ID and check all the Sales Invoices that need to move to the new Batch.  Click the Transfer button and the selected Sales Invoices are in the new Batch.  Dynamics GP customers save hours of work and find time for a Starbucks break!



“So far, it has been working great.  The sales admin responsible for our biggest client probably has used it the most, especially since she was the main reason why we requested the app.  It’s very easy to use and it saves us so much time.   I asked her when she got back from lunch and she said that she has not had any issues with it.”

Gaetano Vito Battaglia, MSA

Financial Manager

Axon’ Cable, Inc.