Business Intelligence and Dynamics GP

A good Business Intelligence (BI) strategy, supported by a solid base of BI technologies, can streamline business processes while also boosting productivity and profit. 

Companies need to make smart, fast decisions, with BI  tools that deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP you have a wide range of reporting and analysis tools available.

Keep current on changing business conditions

Accurately monitoring current business activity, and comparing it to historical activity and plans, gives people the contextual information they need to keep performance on track. Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers many integrated monitoring tools so that people are always aware of the most relevant, accurate, and timely information.

Gain insight into your business

It’s not enough to gather accurate and timely data—people need powerful and easy-to-use analysis tools to help them understand context and trends. Microsoft Dynamics GP BI functions provide people with the insight they need to take quick action and take advantage of opportunities.

Unleash the power of Microsoft Office Excel to analyze your business with a tool you know and trust.

Microsoft Dynamics GP has more than 200 Microsoft Office Excel reports out-of-the-box that are customizable and refreshable—meaning they give you access to real-time data. Using tools like Smartlist Designer build you own exportable reports based on GP and custom data.

Look and analyze data in innovative ways.

Analysis Cubes in Microsoft Dynamics GP gives people out-of-the-box, preconfigured online analytical processing (OLAP) cubes through SQL Server Analysis Services.   Analysis Cubes offer virtually unlimited ways to look at data with powerful interactive analysis.

Use Power BI to analyze your data in visual ways and extend the reach of reports using Power BI mobile applications.


SQL Mobile Reports

Unified Business Solutions and Microsoft BI

Empower your decision-makers by giving them access to information across the organization. Integration between industry-leading tools and Microsoft Dynamics GP, such as Microsoft Office Excel, Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, and Microsoft Power BI, gives your people the information they need to forecast and make business decisions.

UBS can help you translate your key business measurements to the technologies and delivery mechanisms that best suit your needs. 

Together UBS and Microsoft BI technologies can help you make your key your business decisions based on timely, accurate business data.