Dynamics GP

Microsoft Dynamics GP gives you best of both worlds. More access to relevant business information, less searching and confusion. More efficiency and productivity, less down time and frustration. 

Run your business your way

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a richly featured business management solution that allows you to use familiar, powerful software to operate and grow your business. With customizable user roles, home pages, and action panes you can tailor Dynamics GP to fit your business needs.

Dynamics GP supports standards based .Net and web services development to  extend your Dynamics GP functionality and its third-party library is second to none. Not only can Dynamics GP’s functionality grow as you grow, but the scalability of Dynamics GP and SQL Server will ensure that you meet your unique business needs now and in the future.

Increase productivity with Microsoft Dynamics GP and Office 365

Make business information, reports, and documents available for productive collaboration. When you pair up Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Office 365, you can make business information, reports, and documents available for productive collaboration among your employees or with customers and trading partners.
What’s more, you can use the capabilities of the two solutions to increase the productivity and consistency of business processes, boost the value and usefulness of information, and enable managers and workers to make more sound decisions. 

Take your business analytics and dashboards to the next level by integrating Dynamics GP with Microsoft Power BI.  Extend the reach of analytics beyond traditional GP users using Power BI’s mobile applications.

Expedite regulatory compliance and make good governance a business advantage

Complying with regulations, industry standards, and corporate quality initiatives can be complex and costly both for the companies that need to realize compliance and those doing business with them. Microsoft Dynamics GP offers ways to implement and monitor corporate compliance while easing the challenges often associated with it. Going beyond compliance, Microsoft Dynamics GP helps you control business processes and planning better, and bring about a business culture of accountability.

Microsoft Dynamics GP and Unified Business Solutions

Implementing a Dynamics GP solution or any ERP solution for that matter can be a daunting task if not designed and managed properly.  Understanding your business requirements and mapping those processes to GP is key to a successful implementation . 

Unified Business Solutions is dedicated to understanding your business, merging Dynamics GP with your processes and not fitting your business to the software.  The execution of the implementation is key to your success and we make every effort to meet your schedule.