Genie Integration Toolkit for Cadence WMS

The best-of-breed systems approach opens up the opportunity to select the right WMS and the right ERP to support your business. This demands that each system communicates seamlessly providing accurate, complete, and timely information.

The Genie Integration Toolkit for Cadence WMS provides a custom integration to fit the way you use both Cadence to manage your warehouse, and Dynamics GP to manage your accounting. Once you decide on the critical touch points, our experienced team will customize the integration to fit your business processes.

Cadence Warehouse Management – The right WMS Solution

Cadence warehouse management system transforms warehouse operations into a fully integrated logistics and fulfillment business.

By enabling a company to take orders from multiple sources, process them in real time with mobile bar-code scanning computers, and automating the shipping and billing processes, organizational efficiency will improve, with positive effect on the bottom line.

Dynamics GP – The right ERP Solution

Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP conforms to your company’s supply chain, not the other way around, and it comes with a host of other organization-changing capabilities that can make it easier and more efficient for your organization to connect and collaborate.

  • Stay ahead of demand, speed fulfillment, and reduce lead times.
  • Streamline purchasing and sales order processing.
  • Improve inventory management.
  • Connect with customers and suppliers to improve service.

Genie Integration Toolkit for Cadence – the right Integration


Optimizing Cadence and Dynamics GP to meet the unique needs of each organization adds significant value to an investment in WMS and ERP. The Cadence and Dynamics GP integration design interface connects both systems at integration points based on your processes and rules.

Unattended Auto-Allocation

Included with the Genie Integration Toolkit is an Auto Allocation Engine. Dynamics GP allocates inventory upon order entry or by manual intervention, resulting in inefficient use of inventory and time.

Genie Auto Allocation is constantly running in the background, allocating inventory to sales lines only when necessary, according to your business rules. This results in more efficient use of inventory, reduced warehouse cuts, and more time for other crucial processes.


Maintain and synchronize inventory levels between both systems. Manage discrepancies utilizing the inventory reconciliation and error tracking tools.

  • Inventory reconciliation reports for balancing inventories between systems
  • Receiving error report/dashboard
  • Fulfillment error report/dashboard
  • Detail Integration audit and error logs


Supply Chain Management

Maintain and synchronize your entire supply chain between Dynamics GP and Cadence WMS.

  • Sales Orders
    • Picking
    • Fulfillment
    • Shipping (ready to invoice)
  • Purchase Orders
    • Released Purchase Orders
    • Receipts
  • Inventory Adjustments
  • Inter-Company Transfers
    • Warehouse to Warehouse shipments utilizing GP In-transit Orders


Genie Transportation

Genie Transportation is not part of the Integration Toolkit but it can be acquired at an additional cost. It provides a complete Trucking and Transportation Management system in Dynamics GP, and can be integrated into the Integration Toolkit for Cadence resulting in a complete, seamless distribution system.

Routes can be maintained within Dynamics GP utilizing customer information. Sales lines are automatically assigned to routes based on your rules.

A Transportation Dashboard allows management of routes based on numerous criteria including cube and weight. Routes can then be efficiently managed, resulting in best utilization of resources. Route sheets and Proof of Delivery documents are available for print out and email.

Genie Transportation seamlessly integrates with the Integration Toolkit for Cadence.

  • Integrates with Auto Allocation providing additional rules
  • Initiates Sales Orders being sent from Dynamics GP to Cadence
  • Initiates Sales Fulfillment being sent from Cadence to Dynamics GP

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