Redesign Dynamics GP

The grass is not always greener in another ERP

Get that new ERP feeling at a fraction of the cost by redesigning Dynamics GP!

Make the upgrade to a new Dynamics GP version  be like a new ERP implementation

During our GP Redesign Program, like a new ERP implementation, you will re-evaluate current business processes.  Don’t let the allure of a new system fool you into thinking you need to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to deliver the same results.  Take the “handcuffs” off of the way you currently use Dynamics GP with a redesign that meets your current business requirements. You will save costs by not procuring new software, less training, and leverage your current investment in your Dynamics GP maintenance plan.

Consider the differences between getting a new ERP and redesigning GP:

Software Selection

Redesign GP

You own the software!  There are no startup costs.  Your software, your hardware.

No software to purchase

No hardware to purchase

New System

New software evaluation process resulting in new software and hardware purchases.

Costly evaluation process

Software costs

Hardware and environment costs

Business Process Improvement

Redesign GP

You’re already familiar with Dynamics GP.  Discover new features and functionality that went unnoticed in previous upgrades.  Don’t feel stuck if your processes have changed since GP was initially implemented, wipe the slate clean and remap them with a new, fresh version of GP.

Familiar with Dynamics GP

Gap analysis is already done

Leverage your internal expertise

New System

New software requires learning all of the in’s and out’s of every feature and functionality of the new system prior to mapping your business processes.  Causing costly delays and reworks.

Trial and error

Reliance on external resources for expertise

New learning curve of features and functionality

The Pilot

Redesign GP

Test new and redesigned processes with your data, all of it!  Focus on only the processes that are new or improved.  All of your reports and Smartlists just work.  Redesigning GP streamlines the Pilot process.

Shortened time frame - only focus on new processes

Validation is quick - all of your data, including history

Extra time? use it to clean up data

New System

All business processes need to be tested and validated making the pilot a lengthy process.  Limited data makes validation difficult and a new system introduces data migration to the pilot.

Lengthy - all process must be tested

Data migration validation and testing is neccessary

Training of pilot users


Redesign GP

What training?  Your users are already familiar with GP.  Focus training on new features and new processes.

Only focus on new processes

New version, same familiar interface

New System

All users must be trained in all aspects of the new system.  Entire departments out, attending classroom training.

Everything and everyone requires training

Users will be unavailable for long periods of time

New internal documentation needs to be created

Go Live

Redesign GP

Relax, it’s an upgrade.  No data migration, no balancing issues, no data loss.  A fraction of the time and worry versus an entire new system.

Easy, in-place upgrade

No data loss


New System

You know what goes into a new Go Live, you’ve been there.  Costly parallel systems.  Data loss, not everything can be migrated.  Balancing every single module and comparing with the previous system.  Running and validating all reports and processes.  It’s not quick and rife with challenges.

Complex and resource intensive

Data migration and validation

Reporting validation

Process validation

Make the choice to Redesign GP with the experts at UBS

It’s easy to see the advantages of extending your Dynamics GP system with new and improved processes and maybe even some customizations to fill in the gaps.

With our Redesign GP program you will work with GP specialists to review your current system and begin to evaluate improvements.

You don’t even have to install or put anything on your premises.  We’ll create a private, secure cloud environment in Azure with your GP data on the latest and greatest version of GP.

All redesigning, pilot, and training can take place using your cloud environment in Microsoft Azure with no impact to your current resources.

Once the Redesign GP program is completed then we can move the changes on premise and Go Live.

So don’t start looking at a new system, challenge your team members to meet your new business requirements in the system you already have invested and know.  Contact us to learn about the Redesign GP program and it’s low risk.  It could save you a lot of headaches, time, and money.  Show your GP some love!