Supply Chain Management

 In a rapidly-changing business climate, manufacturers and distributors face ever increasing competitive challenges.  These challenges require businesses to have the right information at the right time, without requiring a team of developers every time a business process changes. 

UBS understands these challenges faced by businesses and focuses on SCM with Dynamics GP and an arsenal of modules that help meet supply chain challenges head on.  From forecasting to delivery we can help you accelerate your sales order processes and reduce costs per transaction.

Maintain tight control over your distribution channels by harnessing sales-fulfillment workflow, streamlining your pick/pack/ship cycle while reducing data entry, and providing better access to information.

Empower your employees with the knowledge they need to make and keep firm delivery promises. Deliver fast access to vital inventory information-including current and future positions-to help you make effective use of inventory, improve service, and maximize profitability.

Inventory Management capabilities provide accurate and timely visibility into customer demand, inventory levels, inventory availability, manufacturing activity, and purchasing requirements.

Give salespeople and customers security-enhanced access to online information that enables them to place orders through a ready-to-go business-to-business portal, saving time and increasing the accuracy of orders.

Improve distribution and manage your returns process more flexibly. Microsoft Dynamics GP can improve productivity for employees creating and handling Return Materials Authorization (RMA) and Return to Vendor (RTV) transactions.

By managing the entire sales process—from start to finish, you serve top customers more effectively, monitor fulfillment and invoicing more precisely, and streamline processes to minimize shipping costs and labor.