How to make a partial payment in Dynamics GP


Partial Payment in Dynamics GP

In these challenging times cash management strategies include making a partial payment of a Vendor Invoice. Here is a reminder of how to make a partial payment.

How to make a partial payment in Dynamics GP

In recent weeks I have had customers ask if they can pay only part of an invoice in Dynamics GP. There are many situations where this is a valid and useful process. The following steps manage the process and keep a good audit trail on all the activity, over time, that fulfill each Vendor Invoice.

Partial Payments in Dynamics GP:

Build your check batch selecting the invoices to pay

Open the Edit Payment Batch window

Select the Vendor that you plan to make a partial payment

Open the Vendor Payments window by selecting Edit Vendor Payment button




Select the Apply button for the Vendor Payment Number








Edit the Apply Amount entering the partial amount to pay

Select OK








The check batch is updated to only pay part of the invoice.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]