Consolidation reporting using Dynamics GP reporting ledgers

How to use Reporting Ledgers for Balance Sheet elimination entries in Dynamics GP and Management Reporter.

The following Balance Sheet report consolidates three companies using the Parent’s two reporting ledgers, the General Ledger and the Adjust and Eliminations (Local Ledger) ledger. The Parent’s fiscal period is used for all Subsidiaries. Subsidiary Two is adjusted to the Parent’s fiscal period in Management Reporter.

The setup and process used to produce this Consolidated Balance Sheet can be applied to many consolidation scenarios and takes advantage of Reporting Ledgers in Dynamics GP and Management Reporter. The complete setup is outlined in our 3rd White Paper in the Consolidation Accounting Series for Dynamics GP.


Managing elimination entries for multiple subsidiaries requires more than just a link to an Excel spreadsheet. With the increased focus on audit trails and internal controls for SOX compliance, Dynamics GP’s addition of Reporting Ledgers provides the needed controls for Consolidation Accounting.

This white paper is intended for Accounting and Financial users and consultants that are responsible for producing consolidated financial statements in Dynamics GP and Management Reporter.

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