UBS Corporate Challenge benefits the adoption of a child

UBS Corporate Challenge

This year’s UBS Corporate Challenge is more personal and focused on impacting one person, a child that needs a loving Mom and Dad! The last few weeks have brought unprecedented challenges to our industry, family and friends. In the midst of adapting to social distancing, life continues and we sometimes rediscover what is important. Having adopted our 3 children, I know how important a family is to a child. Mark and Charron Alvord are building their family through Adoption.

“We have been given the opportunity to start our family through adoption and we would like you to be a part of that process. Most of you may know and understand that starting a family through any means can and will be expensive. Adoption requires us to prepare for our child to be ready at any time. Your donation will give us the best chance to be prepared for that amazing moment.”


This year’s UBS Corporate Challenge will support Mark and Charron’s adoption of a child.  There’s no charitable organization we are giving to, but its knowing your support will help provide one child to reach their full potential with the gift of a family. The plan was to race in the St. Anthony’s Triathlon in April . The race had been postponed until further notice, but the adoption goes forward.  I struggled with asking for donations at this time, but knowing what adoption meant for us and our children, I decided to move forward and I hope you understand. If you can contribute in any amount, it will make an impact in a child’s life. Just as valuable to Mark and Charron is a word of encouragement as they wait. On their gofundme page, select the Contact button and send a message of encouragement and perhaps share your story.





As the proud father of 3 amazing adopted children I invite you to join the UBS Corporate Challenge.

Microsoft Partner, Unified Business Solutions, is matching the first $2,000 of Adoption support from our friends and business relationships.

Secure donations may be made online: Donations:


“Our plan is to adopt from within the United States through our local agency, Holt-Sunny Ridge and interstate consultant A Step Ahead. They have an amazing network of support and education classes that have helped prepare us for this exciting and emotional new chapter. We will not know where or when a birth mother will choose us, but with your support we can be prepared for our new addition to our family. Our lives have been shaped and influenced by those who raised us, we look forward to the opportunity to share those influences and pass on the knowledge we have gained from those around us. Thank you!”

Mark and Charron Alvord

Learn more about the great work of Holt Sunny Ridge, go to .

Learn more about the great work of A Step Ahead, go to[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]