Six new Professional Services Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 “11” FREE!


SOP PO Number Check (FREE)*

Verify Customer PO Numbers for duplicates as data is entered into the field on both the SOP Entry window and the SOP Customer Detail Entry window.


POP Cost Defaulter (FREE)*

Use this tool to default in the Standard Cost or the Current Cost within the Purchase Order Entry window instead of the vendor specific Last Invoice Cost.

Default Add Item POP/SOP (FREE)*

Automatically mark the Add Item option to be marked in Sales Transaction Entry, Purchase Order Entry, POP Receiving’s Entry and Purchasing Invoice Entry.

Doc Date Verify (FREE)*

Verify document dates fall in a valid fiscal period when entered in Payables Transaction Entry or Receivables Transaction Entry. If the date does not fall within a valid fiscal period, a message will be issued and the user will not be allowed to continue until the date is in a valid period. This customization will also do a validation if the period is closed.

Decimal Place Tool (FREE)*

Adjust the Check Amount in Words to two decimals, for both Payables Management and Payroll checks. This tool is useful when the currencies in Microsoft Dynamics GP have been changed to more than two decimals, which can alter the amount when a check prints. Note: Report Writer must be used to modify the check report and adjust the currency fields.


Update User Date (FREE)*

Automatically update the User Date at midnight.. The application will run in the background as long as Microsoft Dynamics GP is open. This tool can be useful when the solution is left open on a machine overnight running integrations or other processes.

*Available only on Microsoft Dynamics GP “11”

Other Free Professional Services Tools Library for Microsoft Dynamics GP


Territory Modifier (FREE)

Change territory IDs in the system. The

result is a new territory ID with no loss of data.

Territory Combiner (FREE)

Combine a territory ID into another territory ID without losing any work, open or history records. After the completion of the tool, the old territory is removed from the system.


Payables Select Checks Combiner (FREE)

Use this tool to consolidate checks to the same vendor when users are appending to an existing checks batch. This can be of great value if users frequently build batches of payables checks and select different document number ranges or different date ranges.

Payables Minimum Check Utility (FREE)

Pick a minimum amount for your payables checks created through the select checks process. It will prevent any checks being created under the minimum amount specified.

Minimum PO/Receipt Number (FREE)

Prevent purchase order processing from defaulting the next PO number or receipt number to a number that is previous to the current PO number – when an existing PO number is deleted. Option to set a minimum PO number default, so the system won’t default to anything below the minimum.


Item Reconciler (FREE)

Reconcile inventory or field service. This tool can increase performance if all items don’t need to be reconciled. Only those items that need reconciling will be reconciled using Professional Services Tools.


Toolkit (FREE)

Rebuild the GL00105 without going into SQL query analyzer, turn on/off dexsql.log, rebuild indexes and recreate Dex Procs and tables.

Menu Inquiry Utility (FREE)

The Menu Inquiry Utility allows you to see all of the commands on the menus, hidden or not, and helps identify where those commands come from (which product) and other properties of the commands.