Long Descriptions for Payables

What’s New in Dynamics GP 2019 Long description for payables transaction entries

There are times where just a little more room in a description is needed. Until Dynamics GP 2019, one of the few options available was to add a note to the transaction. This is a great option when significant information is helpful to attach to a transaction. Many times, just a few more characters is all that is needed.

There is a new option in Payables Setup for very long descriptions up to 200 characters.




The long description displays on the following pages:

  • Transaction Entry
  • Payables Transaction Entry Zoom
  • PM Transaction Inquiry


The long description prints on the following checks in Payables Check Entry (single invoice):


Check With Stub on Top

Check With Stub on Bottom

Check With Stub on Top and Bottom-Text

Check With Stub on Top and Bottom-Graphical

Check With Two Stub on Top

User-Defined Check1

User-Defined Check2


The long description prints on the following document in Payables Transaction Entry:

  • PM Blank Document Note: The long description does not post to the general ledger.