Dynamics GP wrong Invoice Date prevention

When entering an Invoice Date there is no system warning that you are using the wrong date, usually typing in the wrong year.  Once the Invoice is posted you cannot change the invoice date (well, easily).  Here is a great idea, have a validation on the Invoice Date similar to the Posting Date.  Oh, and do not charge me for this!

Good news for Dynamics GP 2010 users!  There is a new Professional Services Tools Library called “Doc Date Verify”, I like the sound of that.

Doc Date Verify (FREE)

Available only on Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

Using Doc Date Verify
When Doc Date Verify is activated, and a document date is entered, a check will be
performed to determine whether the document date is in a valid fiscal period or if
the fiscal period is closed.
• If the date does not fall within a valid fiscal period, a message will be displayed
and the user will not be allowed to continue until the date is in a valid period.
• If the Document Date falls within a period that is closed, a message will be
displayed that will allow the user to correct the date or continue on leaving the
This functionality is available in the following windows:
• Payables Transaction Entry
• Receivables Transaction Entry
• Invoice Entry
• Payables Manual Payment Entry
• Sales Transaction Entry
• Inventory Transaction Entry
• Cash Receipts Entry
• Purchase Order Entry
• Receiving’s Transaction Entry
• Purchasing Invoice Entry
To activate this tool, simply mark the second check box next to Doc Date Verify in
the Professional Services Tools Library window.