Dynamics GP 2015 R2 Released

On June 1, 2015 GP 2015 R2 was released and can be downloaded from Customer Source. GP 2015 was released in December 2014 and marked a change in architecture providing a services based architecture and bringing workflow back inside of GP (formerly integrated with SharePoint workflow). GP 2015 R2 builds upon the initial release by adding more feature improvements.



All-in-One Viewer


Smartlist Designer SQL View Workflow

Some key enhancements are:

  • Smartlist Designer continues to improve with a new workflow that allows a SQL view based on a Smartlist to be initiated by a user and then approved via the workflow and created on the backend in SQL. This removes the need to get IT involved or go into SQL.
  • A new All-in-One Document Viewer for Purchasing which allows the user to view all related purchasing documents for a single transaction in one window. Select a purchasing invoice and the window will refresh to show POs, receipts, payments, etc.
  • A new Payables Transaction Approval Workflow enabling Workflow approval for a single transaction in Payables Transaction Entry.
  • A new Historical Received-not-Invoiced report created in SQL Reporting Services.
  • Automatically Deposit Cash Receipts.
  • New Document Attachments for workflow emails allow you to scan/attach files to the workflow email and become part of the approval process.
  • New options for Customer Credit Limits allowing you to determine when you receive visual notifications of when a customer has reached their credit limit.
  • Enable all Sales and Purchase Order Processing Documents.
  • Improved Summary and Detail inquiries in Finance that allow you to combine historical and open transactions.

There are numerous other improvements and we’ll dive into these and more on this blog. If you have not made the move to upgrade to GP 2015 then now might be the right time. Contact us to see if GP 2015 R2 is right for your business.