UBS Corporate Challenge benefits Emerald Coast Exceptional Families

This year’s UBS Corporate Challenge supports special needs families through the Emerald Coast Exceptional Families organization.

Training for a Triathlon takes time, patience, persistence, pushing yourself beyond your comfort zone, and the support of family and friends. The same and more are required to raise children with autism and special needs.

Sometimes, being a special needs family feels a lot like swimming upstream.  It’s nice to know that you’re not the only one!  Emerald Coast Exceptional Families is established by people who truly understand because they live it every day.  It is our belief that having a true support system creates a better quality of life for all special needs families.  No matter the diagnosis, we are better together.

This year’s UBS Corporate Challenge will support the work of Emerald Coast Exceptional Families.  In May, I am racing in the Ironman 70.3 Florida, in the Emerald Coast of Florida, and am hoping to raise some support for this group. Thank you for considering supporting this great organization!

As proud SUPPORTER of Emerald Coast Exceptional Families (ECEF) I invite you to join the UBS Corporate Challenge.

Microsoft Partner, Unified Business Solutions, is matching the first $500 of ECEF support from our friends and business relationships.

Secure donations may be made online:



When my son Joseph was diagnosed with autism at age 4, my family and friends didn’t really know how to support me. I needed friends that got it, and I needed things for my son to do in a judgement free zone! ECEF has created a support system for special needs families that is unique to the Emerald Coast. There is always a family event, a mom’s night, or an informative workshop to keep me plugged into the community. My son is now 8, and it is incredible how many friendships I have made through this nonprofit. I have gained so much knowledge from networking with countless families just like mine in this area. ECEF is an integral part of improving the lives of special needs families in Navarre, Gulf Breeze, and beyond – Mallory Burton with son Joseph

Learn more about the great work of Emerald Coast Exceptional Families,

God Bless and thank you for your support! Rick