Restricted Item Genie

What would happen if you sold the wrong Private Label to the wrong customer?

Do you have a scenario in your business where you carry products that are exclusive to particular customers or you have products that are private labeled for multiple customers?

What would happen if you accidentally sold “Customer A’s” product to “Customer B”?  What if they were competitors?  It would certainly be a difficult customer service issue, if not a loss in business.

There are a few things in GP that can help litigate the issue, such as utilizing Price Lists or Customer Items.  However; none of the available options will actually eliminate the issue and also alert the Customer Service Representative entering the order.

SOP Restricted Items Genie ensures our Licensee (Customer) gets the right Product without exception - Jon Colesby, Business Process Manager, Tampico

The solution?  The SOP Restricted Items Genie from dynamicsGenie.  This GP Add-in will add functionality to the GP SOP Window to prevent the sale of products to unauthorized users.  The restriction can be setup in multiple ways:

  • Customer to Item
  • Customer to Item Class
  • Customer Class to Item
  • Customer Class to Item Class

SOP Restricted Items Genie prevents the sale of the unauthorized item and alerts the user to the situation.  There’s no way around the system.  Eliminate the worry and the potential customer service issue that could be caused by not having SOP Restricted Items Genie by contacting us or visiting dynamicsGenie’s site for more information.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]