Does my organization need a NEW ERP to replace Dynamics GP?

You have invested a significant amount of time and money into a Dynamics GP system.  Your team members are experienced users of the system.  If you’re considering replacing GP with a new ERP then why not consider leveraging your investment in GP and re-implement it?  

If you could start over with Dynamics GP, would a new implementation address your current requirements? 

Starting over with Dynamics GP provides the benefits of a NEW ERP project at a low cost and more important, low risk.  Think about it, your team knows the software and knows what needs improvement.  We configure a private cloud with a copy of your system in Azure with no impact on internal systems.  The new system is updated to the latest version, and you can start to redesign GP.

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning.”  Benjamin Franklin

Now you are ready for the needs assessment, the first step in any new ERP project and your first step to rediscovering GP.

The Redesign Dynamics GP Pilot from Unified Business Solutions provides a path to successfully implement your new strategies on your existing GP system.

What is a “Redesign GP Pilot”?  Using our proven implementation methodologies we will create a copy of your system in your own private Azure cloud.  Upgrade to the latest version of GP and work with you on achieving your current objectives for an ERP system.

  • We will focus on needed improvements, automation and reporting. 
  • Review all new features and functionality.
  • Eliminate unnecessary, old processes.
  • Evaluate current 3rd party software and customizations.
  • Define new processes.
  • Create new efficiencies.

Accomplishing this without purchasing a new system and with 100% of all of your data.

Start your Redesign Pilot today!  Find out more at Redesign GP  or email our experienced consultants at