Month End Closing using Routines on Microsoft Dynamics GP

Routines have been available in Dynamics since version 1.0 but is one of the most under utilized features of the system.  Most companies only utilize the receivables aging and remove paid transactions routines.

Routines were designed to a allow a company to have a set of procedures that are followed each month, period, quarter or year and document that they have been followed with the person’s login ID and date and time.

Routines can open a MS Dynamics GP Window, perform an external task (like open a specific file with Excel and run a macro) or run a MS Dynamics GP Macro.  With a MS Dynamics GP Macro you can perform almost any task within Dynamics.

You can get to Routines in MS Dynamics GP by going to MS Dynamics GP | Tools | Routines and then selecting the series that you wish and selecting “Checklists”.  Then press the “Add” button to add a routine.

Below is an example of a period end routine to close the month and produce the monthly reporting package with all the reconciliations and analyses.