CustomerSource to allow free access

Microsoft Announces “Freemium” Model for CustomerSource

​On Monday September 8th, Microsoft will update CustomerSource to allow free access to some content, but still require a login to access content available through a customer service plan.

On Monday September 8th, Microsoft will be updating CustomerSource with a new “freemium” model, where Dynamics customers will have free, un-gated access to around ½ of the content in CustomerSource, but will still need to log in to access the remainder the content. After the launch, customers can access CustomerSource as they do today, but will not be challenged with a login until they reach secured gated content (which will appear on the site with a padlock). If a customer tries to access secure content, they’ll get a preview of the content, and be asked to sign in. If they don’t have a login to CustomerSource or are not on a plan, we’ll provide instructions for them to get on a plan or get set up in CustomerSource.

This strategy is important for two reasons. First, un-gated access to some support and learning content will provide much greater discoverability of Dynamics content though commercial search engines like Bing and Google, allowing customers to learn and be productive with our products more effectively. Secondly, by displaying content that’s gated (i.e. content that requires the customer to be on a plan and log into CustomerSource), it reinforces the differentiated value of service offerings.  The following policies more clearly capture what is free versus what requires the customer to be on a plan:

•​​Free Content (no sign in required): Product documentation, product news, how-to videos, knowledgebase articles, fact sheets, white papers.
•Secure content (requires customer to be on BREP or SA or other plan): Full product installs, service packs, tax updates, training courses, training courseware

Microsoft believes these changes will be mutually beneficial to our customers and partners, as it represents one of their initial steps towards a more compelling, valuable customer experience around Dynamics support and learning.