Windows 10 RTM is near

Windows 10Windows 10 will be released to manufacturing any day.  There have been 5 preview releases in the last 10 days, with each release squashing more bugs, refining the interface and improving speed and reliability.  As the July 29th release date approaches businesses need to get ready to evaluate Windows 10, if you haven’t already, and decide on an implementation strategy.  Here are a few resources to get you started.

Install Windows 10 now

If you haven’t tried any of the previews, then now is the time to join the Windows Insider program and install the preview.  The releases are very stable and you would be one of the first to get the final release of Windows 10.  Go over to the Windows Insider site for more information.  Sign up is free and so is the Windows 10 upgrade!Explore-Windows10

Read about it

If you’re interested in finding out more about Windows 10 but prefer to read about it then take a look at this free ebook from Microsoft:  Exploring-Windows-10 .  It covers 8 of the key areas Windows 10 brings to our PC:  Start Menu, Cortana, Microsoft Edge, Task View, Virtual Desktops, Windowed modern apps, Snap enhancements, and Notification Center.

Decide on a version

Another good resource to check out is the Windows 10 Comparison site or PDF .  Using this guide you can do a feature comparison between the versions of Windows 10.

There is plenty of information out there on this important upcoming version of Windnows.  In my opinion it has addressed the shortcomings of Windows 8.1 on the desktop and so much more.  Windows XP is no longer supported and Windows 7 with SP1 ended mainstream support on January 18th 2015.  So it’s time to start thinking about upgrades in your environment.