Processing NSF Checks in Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains)

Dynamics GP has a very sophisticated process for dealing with NSF (Not Sufficient Funds)

checks.  You select the Receivables Maintenance Posted Transaction screen by going to

Transactions | Sales | Receivables Maintenance Posted Transaction.  Enter the customer ID.

Then select the type of transaction, in this case “payment” and then select the payment

number that you want to mark as NSF.  Press the “NSF” button.  Auto Post NSF Debit Charge

screen will open and you can enter the NSF charge amount


Then click the OK button.  Dynamics GP voids the payment and adds a NSF fee.


See below where the payment is voided as indicated by the * next to Open on PMT line

and posts a debit memo for the $15.00 NSF fee to the customer account.

So in this example, the customer now owes a total of $114.75, $99.75 for the original

invoice and $15.00 for the NFS fee.